About us

So who is behind StickySeeds and why do they do it?

Ahh, you want to learn a little bit about the chap who runs stickyseeds.com, I see. Well I am a man, I live in a house and I make poop. I will not give out any more information than that! However I will explain a little bit about the website and why I started it.
weed seeds
With the ever changing laws on cannabis, the seeds of the marijuana plant are legal to collect to the public (at least in the UK and USA). When you look in to genetics you will realize that the marijuana plant did not just pop up in a single hot country, nor did it pop up close by each other. This magical plant has grown in different ways all across the globe and humans took the seeds and began combining the different types together. This caused the birth of hundreds of different cannabis strains that differ in every way, from flowering times to THC content. From bushy to stick type weed.

With every plant giving off a new phenotype the range just doubled and then some. To be able to collect all these different seeds is a passionate hobby of mine and many others. For this reason I wanted to start an online shop that could offer every single type of cannabis seed available to buy online, whether it was cheap or expensive.

Now you might think, well StickySeeds is not a shop so what happened?

After some research I realized that many of these cannabis seed shop owners landed in a little trouble due to the law changes, this was something I did not want. So I did the next best thing and began searching online for the cheapest cannabis seeds and the best marijuana seed deals around, I took pride in helping others, answering questions on forums such as rollitup and thctalk. Then I realized If I made a blog I could direct potential customers to the best cannabis seed deals around.