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Here at Sticky Seeds we constantly browse every single online cannabis seed shop looking for the best bargains and lowest prices combined with great customer service. As an experience online shopper I’m more than in the know when it comes to what the consumer expects from arriving at the website to receiving the product through the mail. When purchasing cannabis seeds from any of the shops linked to from Sticky Seeds you can be sure that the service has been tried and tested and have successfully delivered both a high quality and effective customer support when required.

All marijuana seed shops deliver their product in plain, unlabeled and discreet packaging, if in any doubt simply contact the shop directly via email with your questions and they will be happy to fill you in on any information needed. If you’re looking for cheap high quality seeds then you came to the right place, along with the lowest prices in pot seeds you will also receive a number of freebies dependent on the total of your order.

If you’re looking for smoking paraphernalia I suggest heading over to the HerbTools online smoke shop and spend some pennies on some of the awesome glass bongs and bubblers that offer.
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Many weed smokers are looking for the strongest, potent and trippy strain out there. The experienced votes suggest that the strain “LSD” contains the most psychedelic properties but is clearly not the strongest. To say which is the most powerful marijuana strain out there is quite difficult as we need to distinguish the difference between indica cannabis seeds and sativa strains. Some users find the Sativa to fill them with energy which in turn tires them out and leaves them prone to crashing on the sofa feeling super high.

The strain with the highest THC content is currently an OG Kush but by next year new strains will push the boundaries even further. The best thing to do is buy feminized cannabis seeds online by a few different seed banks and find out which works best for you. A few recommendations include Cali Hash Plant, Blueberry by DJ Short and Chocolope by DNA Genetics.
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Largest Yielding AutoFlower Cannabis Seeds

If you are in a hurry or cramped for space then autos are the perfect strain. These varieties of plants are known to finish within 8 weeks from germination! On average this saves 5-7 weeks of time when compared with a normal plants life span. Many people new to autos may think that there has to be a draw back to purchasing autoflowering weed seeds, there are a couple of issues that come to mind such as not being able to take cuttings but for some that won’t be an issue. As time goes by more and more high quality and special editions are being released, large yields up to eight ounces have been reported from a single auto plant based in a hydroponics system. Believe me when I say that the quality of buds from these plants can be on the same level as regular seeds.

Seeds are sold for collection purposes only. Germinating cannabis seeds is illegal.

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Robert Bergman has been on a personal quest to create perfect cannabis seeds for the best part of the last 20 years. He has come across all growing issues imaginable by testing all the different strains from the established breeders.

From these experiences he has accumulated a vast wealth of knowledge which he is now spreading through where the goal is to educate growers of all levels to get the most out of their cannabis seeds.

Issues dealing with pest control, growing feminized seeds, indoor growing and stealth growing are being discussed. Robert has taken the next step in teaching by offering Bergman’s Lab where every step of the growing cycle is being zoomed in to leave no questions unanswered for the cultivation of the best quality marijuana.