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caterpillars on cannabis plants

Caterpillars on cannabis plants

Most people are aware that all types of plants are vulnerable to pests such as caterpillars, cannabis plants are no exception to this. Caterpillars are a very common issue for both farmers and casual gardeners as they begin consuming...

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how-to-buy cannabis seeds australia

How to buy cannabis seeds in Australia

If you are visiting Australia or you live there you may have some questions about using, growing, and distributing cannabis flowers and seeds. Australia has made progression in the last few years in regards to recreational and medicinal cannabis...

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calcium deficiency cannabis leaf

Calcium Deficiency

Calcium deficiency can be a common issue for cannabis growers, you may have already experienced this or are curious of the signs to look out for to ensure your plants do not become deficient. Calcium is crucial for the...

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AK47 Grow Journal – Complete

In this grow journal the grower is cultivating AK47 cannabis seeds which is a famous strain known for its potency and incredibly powerful smell it gives off. Setup: Lights: 600W HPS for Veg & Flower (multi-spectrum bulb) Medium: Soil XL Budbox Grow tent Contents ...

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the history of og kush

The history of OG Kush

Anyone that has an interest in cannabis would have come across the strain Kush or OG Kush, this strain continues to be popular amongst the cannabis community, potentially due to its pungent aromas, incredible flavours or the potent yet...

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What are Cannabis Trichomes

What are Cannabis Trichomes

We’re all aware that a high yield of trichomes in a plant is desirable, but how many of us know why, or even really understand what a trichome is? Cannabis plants contain a variety of trichome types, each with its...

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